About Waymark – Professional Property Managers in Carlisle and Harrisburg, PA

Cal and Lorie Yoder are members of the ownership group of Waymark Property Management. They have owned real estate as an investment since 1997 and also own a property management company, Hershey Real Estate Services in Lancaster, PA. They are excited to be professional property managers in Carlisle, Harrisburg and Hershey PA area. They bring knowledge, experience and expertise to Waymark which is readily apparent in the service they provide. Each property managed is treated as they were the owners of the property. They pride themselves in providing a level of service which is responsive and conscientious.

Bonnie Mahoney is the onsite property manager in Carlisle, PA. Bonnie’s family owned and operated several luxury style apartments in the area. Bonnie provides great service and enjoys being a professional property manager in Carlisle.

A New onsite professional property manager in Harrisburg, PA area will be announced soon!