Rental FAQ

Carlisle, PA downtown

As a prospective tenant, you may have questions about the application process. Below are commonly asked questions which you hopefully will find helpful.

Why do you charge me to apply?

Waymark charges an application fee to run a credit report necessary to process your application. You are able to apply through this website. Application fees are non-refundable.

How long until I learn whether my application has been accepted?

It usually takes 2-3 days. We contact former landlords and gather pertinent information. It will depend on how long it takes previous landlords to return our call.

What is reviewed and considered in the application process?

Landlord references, credit history and income level are all considered. A background check is performed as well.

What if I am a first time renter and do not have a previous landlord?

This is not a problem! Many of our tenants are first time renters. If this is true for you, more of an emphasis is placed on your credit history and income level.

Do I need a minimum credit score?

With our credit checks, we do not actually review your score. We receive your accounts and your history. We look to make sure you do not have any collections from previous landlords, utility companies, phone companies or anything of similar nature. Timely payments and no collections are the biggest factors we consider. We typically look past medical collections.

How is my income considered in the application process?

We request copies of your pay stubs, an offer letter or something in writing to verify your income. We are looking for your gross monthly income to be 3x the monthly rent.Incomes are combined if more than one person will be on the lease.

If I see a property I like, should I apply?

Probably not! We encourage you to set an appointment to see the property before completing the online application. The application fee is non-refundable.

Are pets allowed?

This depends on the owner. Most owners do not allow pets, however some do for a monthly charge. This decision is solely at the owner’s discretion.

How can I pay my rent and when is it due?

Rent can be paid online via your tenant portal. You can use a credit card, authorize your bank account to pay us directly or mail a check.

What is required of me before I move in?

Once you are approved you will need first month’s rent and security deposit in order to move into the apartment. All security deposits must be paid for my money order.

Do I need Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance is required through the lease you will sign.

Am I allowed to paint the property?

No you are not allowed to make changes to the property. Should you make unauthorized changes, you will be charged at move out.